How much is eTEAM?

Features and benefits of our offers

The eTEAM software allows you to have control of all the contents of your communication, manage them centrally and reduce production and publication costs.
It consists of modules and can be customized to the customer's needs.

The modules, which can be integrated with each other and formulated according to specific needs, have made it possible to create solutions applied in different market sectors: industry, retail, large-scale retail, finance, franchising, bringing significant improvements in the company organisation and a general reduction in costs.

Thanks to the experience gained, we are able to estimate in advance the difficulties and the time needed to carry out a project and thus offer very precise offers: before signing a contract, you will know exactly how long it will take to complete it and what its price will be.

eTEAM and its solutions are offered in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode which has many advantages over on-premises software:

  • you don't have to spend a lot of money to purchase the software or to implement it
  • the subscription fee involves a lower and certain cost, even if it is recurrent
  • there are no software and hardware maintenance costs
  • SaaS applications are generally based on the standards and approaches of the web/cloud model.  This allows integration with other business modules and infrastructures.


Latest case studies

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Advanced Digital Asset Management for branches, offices abroad and an extensive sales network.

Brand Hub for Whirlpool

A solution for multi-country communication, enriched with a label creation module.