eTEAM, the Content To Media Platform
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Centralize, enrich and distribute your product data

eTEAM is a software that is customized on the specific needs of the customer.

It was developed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, i.e. the highest cloud level made available by a provider, and over which it is possible to exercise maximum control in terms of configuration and customization. It consists of modules that integrated in a virtuous way give rise to customized solutions:


  • DAM module: to organize, index and give value to digital content of all kinds

  • PIM module: to organize product information and serve it to the various channels

  • CMR module: to manage the relationship with customers more effectively

  • DMS module: to facilitate the collaborative creation of editorial documents

  • CMS module: to create and manage the website, e-commerce, reserved area


The customized solutions originating from these modules have integrated with the company organization, have automated processes, guided growth and supported marketing and communication activities.