Successful case studies for eTEAM with our customers

In this section you will find some of our successful cases. If you want to know more, to know all the potential of eTEAM and the advantages it can bring in your company, contact us! 


We will be happy to show you how eTEAM works, the problems that solve the applications developed and the problems it can solve in your sector.


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Editorial workflow for the creation of the Ikea Business brochure

Setting up approval steps and stages on a collaborative platform.

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Finefoods artwork management

Centralize and streamline the creation of new artwork to reduce errors.

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An advanced Media Hub for SMEG

Advanced Digital Asset Management for branches, offices abroad and an extensive sales network.

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Brand Hub for Whirlpool

A solution for multi-country communication, enriched with a label creation module.

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Product database and publishing automatisms for Gyproc

Web application for the management and publication of technical and commercial product information.

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Digital Asset Management for Masi Agricola

Masi Agricola's international dimension made it necessary to adopt a Digital Asset Management system to centralise all the company's assets.

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Workflow and automatic layout templates for Alì Supermarkets

An editorial helm to speed up the process of communication with the graphics agency and produce correct and timely flyers.

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Digital Asset Management for Panaria

Digital Asset Management enriched with PIM functionality for a capillary definition of assets.

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Digital Asset and Product Information Management for the SME Group

The centralization of data and assets enables successful e-commerce and flyer production.

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Multi channel content management to feed a multi country website all in one platform for Aluk

Online communication system capable of supporting numerous websites localized on specific markets and in different languages.

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Brand Hub for ARAG

A solution to facilitate communication with agencies and encourage the sale of insurance products.

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