Il gruppo 4 Flying

Soluzioni digitali per il marketing e la comunicazione multicanale.


The group 4 Flying is a reference point in international multi-channel communication, composed of professionals dedicated to computer analysis and design, research and development, customer care, marketing and strategic consulting, up to the production of graphics and printing with the eGRAPHIC.


Thanks to the combination of IT, design and marketing skills, we have developed software and solutions dedicated to content and marketing management on different media, improving the business strategies of companies.

Each proposal is designed to respond to the specific needs of the customer, guide its growth, integrate and automate internal and external communication processes towards the market, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions taken.

A mission that has never changed over time:

create, manage and distribute content efficiently and effectively with integrated solutions in all areas of digital and traditional communication. 

Last news


Product sheet: how to create it and keep it updated.

In order to be placed on the market, all products must be supplied with the product card, the identity card which contains all the data and information the consumer needs to know in order to make the purchase.


The 3 A, to optimize productivity

With the new and remote forms of work, the concept of productivity also undergoes a change.