Automatic layout for the creation of catalogues and price lists in Indesign

Creating a product catalogue or a price list and keeping it always up to date is a demanding activity that involves several figures within the company and can put pressure on even the most close-knit working groups.

Automatic layout with eTEAM

For companies of all sectors and sizes we offer automatic pagination systems based on eTEAM.


These are the objectives of this application:

  • reduce DTP costs
  • avoid typing errors, misprints, outdated data
  • facilitate updating and archiving


How it works

How does this application work?

  • the graphics department or external agency creates the layout, chooses the style and the images
  • marketing, enriches product descriptions and modifies article attributes within the database
  • the sales department imports the updated prices
  • everyone can view the machining status, enter notes, give approvals, anywhere and with any device capable of surfing the web
  • The project manager displays the progress of the individual phases on a dashboard and quickly identifies critical points.
  • when all the data have been implemented, the export from the database produces a layout according to the chosen graphic template
  • the graph corrects any image size and sends the final file to print




These are the advantages of the eTEAM-based application:

  • Cost savings
    The cost of automatic layout, compared to manual layout, is reduced by 90%.
  • Time saving
    The automatic layout work takes a few hours and not weeks or months.
  • Greater precision
    Automated workflow ensures no errors
  • Update
    All you need is an internet connection to click and update the entire catalogue or a single piece of data.
  • Customization a customization
    The template is made to measure, according to the needs, history, taste and sensibility of the customer.
  • Ease of use
    No IT or graphic skills required
  • Multichannel strategy
    The same contents can be proposed on the different devices, with specific modes of use
  • Archive
    All jobs are archived in digital format and easily retrieved for re-proposal.


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