Specific applications based on eTEAM

The versatility of eTEAM allows us to develop specific applications for all your multi-media communications

Using our in-depth knowledge and experience across each market, we can provide consultancy to overcome your communication challenges. ETeam offers:


Trusted advisor.
eTeam will work with your teams, we can recommend best practice ways of working, help manage change and improve your business process with automated workflows.  We provide implementation consulting services for marketing strategy and multi-channel communication.


Tailored solutions.
eTeam instantly improves your multi-channel communication processes, your solution can be developed to your exact requirements and can meet your local, regional and global needs.


Smart Working.
As a cloud-based solution, your teams can access eTEAM at any time, from any location globally.  eTEAM is designed to incorporate your supply chain partners and clients to provide a centralised solution for all key contributors to work from and reference.  Projects can progress whether you are office, studio or home based as well as whilst you are on the move. 


Future proof and scalable solution.
eTEAM deliver tailored ‘fit for purpose’ solutions that are both robust and reliable to deliver optimised performance.  Our development team continually enhance the solution capability, our support team ensure performance is maintained and our infrastructure delivers a secure and scalable environment for a future proof solution.



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