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Multichannel communication is not only a new way of communicating but it is also a tool capable of generating added value and affecting business and processes. It has the advantage of managing content in a capillary way and this involves a change in the communication strategies of each company.

To take advantage of this opportunity and thus multiply the points of contact with their customers, companies themselves of Industry Sector must become content 'publishers'. It is essential to have their own editorial line and a programming schedule that integrates the different media, both traditional and innovative. A programming schedule that determines the cadence, quantity, formats and forms of expression of the content and how to effectively manage and maintain the interaction with customers.

The eTEAM solution has become a standard for international companies because, by favouring the choice of the most suitable medium, it supports them in the daily management of multi-country and multi-channel communication.


Companies in the industry sector have at their disposal an avant-garde technological means!


eTEAM delivers market leading technology enabling the organisations to manage processes, control costs, reduce time, validate and approve all communication activities in a single solution.

Typical Industry Sector examples managed within eTEAM are:

  • multi-channel catalogues
  • manuals and guides
  • price lists
  • websites
  • e-commerce sites
  • loyalty sites
  • extranet for partners, affiliates and agents

These opportunities translate into numerous advantages, among which:

  • centralisation and control: marketing can manage the entire production process from a single source of truth
  • it is fast: shorten production processes time with automation and ability to quickly execute activities
  • cost reduction: managing all communication projects and activities with defined ways of working, automation, control and centralisation will make your team more efficient and process optimised to deliver significant cost savings

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