Franchising and groups with sales networks

Supporting central management to govern corporate identity and communication

The corporate identity of a company is the sum and the result of all the positive values that it has managed to create over time through its achievements, the quality of its products and customer satisfaction.
It is the most important marketing and promotion tool, due to its great ability to directly influence sales. The corporate identity is also "changeable", it evolves and is cultivated over time following the growth of the parent company.
This is why it must be preserved and maintained in its integrity.


In the franchising and groups with sales networks is essential that all promotional and communication material is consistent in presenting a single corporate identity, defined and strong in its values.


However, there are common challenges for the parent company to share with its affiliates the material it produces, also following the requests for customization of individual partners. At the same time, Affiliates have difficulty in finding the precise guidelines and indications for the production of promotional and institutional material or even difficulties in technically implementing or supervising the processes of its creation. There are also economic difficulties to remain compliant and consistent.


These are complexities that lead to compromises and errors!


eTEAM is a highly innovative solution and aims to create an online business area with the entire network of agencies and agents.
It contributes to radically change the relationship between the parent company and affiliates: the head office becomes an active part in all phases of territorial communication activities. The companies have at their disposal a cutting-edge technological means but above all the possibility to supervise, controlling the costs and processes of all communication activities through a system of supervision, verification and approval of the material and offers proposed.

eTEAM in the franchising and groups with sales networks allows:

  • the management of institutional sites
  • the management of areas reserved for agents
  • the activation of geo-referenced promotional campaigns
  • the supply of customized material on-demand
  • the monitoring of all marketing activities carried out by affiliates

These are features that translate into numerous advantages, among them:

  • reduction of time and costs, as the collection of orders and therefore the printing requests of the various media is rationalized
  • easy billing: the Affiliate makes the payment online, by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer
  • support to the Network: the Affiliate will find the necessary material, approved by the parent company, and is therefore relieved of the need to contact the reference partners for the request of the communication material




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