Large-scale retail channel

Plan promotional activities and micro marketing campaigns

Communication in retail and large-scale distribution plays a crucial role.

Both from an economic and an organizational point of view, it covers all areas of activity.

The tools available today support the most demanding communication campaigns in a simple and effective way but often marketing activities make use of different suppliers who deal with a specific channel with their own tools. There are the high costs of traditional paper communication in terms of printing and distribution, the time required for the actual launch of the campaign, the need for faster and more effective tools. 


This is why large retail groups and large-scale retailers are adopting integrated solutions!


eTEAM is an interactive web solution that incorporates these needs and turns them into strategic opportunities for multi-channel and multi-brand marketing activities.

Companies can create their own campaigns in an effective way using a single integrated solution and covering the entire communication flow up to the analysis of consumer behavior.

The digital tools used in eTEAM allow a rapid reaction, with the possibility to monitor in real time the contacts developed, evaluate the results and improve the effectiveness of the actions taken. In essence, eTEAM is an innovative and well-established solution that facilitates collaboration between the different teams involved in the creation of the material for the point of sale: buyers, marketing and graphics department. All planning, changes, corrections, monitoring are available through a very intuitive web interface.


eTEAM applied in the  retail and large-scale distribution allows:

  • annual planning of the Promotional Actions
  • planning by product categories
  • content management by category and page
  • creation of content for publications
  • creation of leaflets and stoppers
  • management of institutional websites, e-commerce, loyalty and meal vouchers
  • extranet for partners and brands of the group

These features provide a number of advantages, including:

  • saving computer resources for the creation of the campaign file
  • construction of a product database enriched with the correct marketing content
  • acceleration of the communication process with the graphics agency
  • drastic error reduction
  • activation of targeted marketing campaigns to reward loyal customers according to their tastes and expectations

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