International market with foreign offices

It coordinates multi-channel communication on the territory, starting from centrally approved guidelines.

eTEAM develop web based solutions that allow users of foreign branches to manage collaboratively and quickly the translations of publication pages and communication in each territory.

Among the different texts already used in publications produced by countries with the same language, the user can choose the one that comes closest to his own and make the necessary changes.  In the same way, the Head Office can manage a simplified production workflow, which will allow users of foreign branches to make guided choices to create the general catalogues of their respective countries.

Starting from the guidelines defined by the Head Office, the branches will be able to translate, vary the editorial texts, choose the products and layouts for the construction of their catalogues, without altering Head Office approved corporate guidelines.

Typical publications managed within eTEAM are:

  • catalogues
  • advertising publications (periodicals and pages)
  • promotional brochures (booklets, coupons, etc.)
  • magazines (editorials)
  • POS
  • various web publications

eTeam is configured to meet customer-defined needs, examples include: 

  • easy interface with guided routes, multilingual
  • interactive forms using Adobe Indesign for the printed, XML, HTML, Flash, Flex files for the web 
  • web surfing path defined by the head office (or managers)

The solutions are enriched with the DEM creation and sending part, through modular templates in which the contents are dynamically fed by the core part of the platform (images and product sheets).


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