PIM - Product Information Management

To centrally manage and organize all product information, even the most complex.


Perché un PIM

In all companies the data is strategic and thanks to product information management tools (PIM: Product Information Management) it is possible to centralize product information and then make it available in a uniform way to the various company departments (marketing, sales, production, etc.).


All product information is taken from a single archive.
This ensures efficiency, data certainty and control.


Our software for the management of product sheets (PIM) allows marketing and sales to quickly and accurately provide information in the different distribution channels: printed catalogues, internet sites, e-commerce, ERP.
Above all, it allows you to customize information relating to product categories, prices, descriptions and translations.

Advantages of a PIM


Centralized management makes it possible to organize information in a consistent way and then redistribute it on different e-Commerce platforms, websites, paper catalogues.

These are some of the many benefits that adopting Product Information Management can bring:

  • reduction of costs for catalogues, price lists, manuals
  • unambiguousness and certainty of contents
  • easy sharing and collaboration
  • data always up to date
  • only company repository
  • guarantee and system security


The PIM - Product Information Management of eTEAM is fully integrated with the other modules of the platform: DAM, DMS, CMS, MAM. This virtuous integration has allowed the development of solutions shaped according to the customer's needs.


Each of these has integrated with the company organization, automated processes, driven growth and supported marketing and communication activities.


The high level of customization allows you to adopt a solution that fully meets your needs and autonomously manage the contents of your communication on different media, launch web and digital marketing campaigns, improve your business strategies.

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