The value of our proposal

We know that your case is unique, with particular specificities, so we adapt the modules and prices to give you exactly what you want.

Industria 4.0 incentives

The eTEAM software is certified to take advantage of the tax credit for investments in intangible assets (software, systems and system integration, platforms and applications) covered by the INDUSTRIA 4.0 incentives.

Payments FROM 2022

4Flying in collaboration with important banking groups offers the opportunity to start payments from 2022 while maintaining all the benefits of the INDUSTRIA 4.0 incentives.
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The eTEAM software allows you to take control of all your communication content, manage it centrally and reduce production and publication costs. It is made up of modules and can be customised to suit the customer's needs.
The modules, which can be integrated with each other and formulated according to specific requirements, have given rise to solutions applied in various market sectors: industry, retail, large-scale retail trade, finance, franchising, bringing about significant improvements in company organisation and a general reduction in costs.

Thanks to the experience we have accumulated, we are able to estimate in advance the difficulties and the time required to complete a project and thus offer very precise offers: before signing a contract, you will know exactly how long it will take to complete it and what its price will be.

eTEAM and its solutions are offered in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, which has many advantages over on-premises software:

  • you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy the software or implement it
  • the subscription fee is lower and certain, even if recurring
  • there are no software and hardware maintenance costs
  • In general, SaaS applications are based on the standards and approaches of the web/cloud model.  This allows integration with other modules and corporate infrastructures

Digital transformation in 5 steps

These are the typical steps that lead to activate our collaboration and the application of eTEAM in the company:

    1. Discovery
      We analyse all existing business processes and integrations and look for ways to make improvements and enhance their possibilities

    2. Agree & Playback
      We check all the information, the quality of the assets and product data, the people who will contribute to the implementation and develop the project plan

    3. Configuration & Test
      We configure, test and perfect the workflow, assigning specific margins of intervention to the figures involved and developing operational tasks

    4. Release/Relaunch Plan
      We ensure complete success and finalise the Training & Go live launch plan, in a single solution or in stages

    5. Training & Go Live
      We support the customer before and after final delivery, with on-site and online training and ongoing support


In order to provide you with an approximate price we need to know more about you and your company, usually by doing the following:

  • an initial 15-minute call to discuss your requirements
  • a demonstration of eTEAM functionality
  • a proposal based on your specific needs


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