Communication platform for Mass Market Retailers (MMR)

Large retailers is now established in the digital sector and continues to invest in the paper flyer to inform consumers about promotions.

GDO and MMR communication and promotion

The implementation of the Promotional Actions involves various figures, internal and external to the company and must observe strict deadlines. This combination can be the cause of errors in the final phase and to solve these problems we develop dedicated applications, innovative and well-established solutions that, through an online work table, facilitate collaboration between the different actors involved in the realization of the material for the point of sale:

  • buyer
  • marketing
  • graphics department

All planning, changes, corrections, monitoring are available through a very intuitive web interface. The result is a guided and certified workflow in every single step.

It is divided into several sections:

  • annual planning
  • planning of product categories
  • content management by category and page
  • content creation for publications

It integrates the client's management system or can be powered by files, such as EXCEL, XML, TXT, to facilitate database population and the creation of dynamisms for content and publication management.

It is activated for all people involved in the decision-making process, each with their own access profile.

The result is the creation of a graphical rudder representative of the entire publication and with the correct data. From this representation will then be extracted a trace that will automatically feed the website or the graphic documents for the realization of the paper publications.

This means that the marketing will be able to decide whether the products published on paper media will be mirrored to those on the web or, differentiate the offer by deciding to publish specific products or promotions for each media.


How it works

The entire organization has a shared online workspace.

Marketing can:

  • create and oversee the flyer project
  • check all graphic activities
  • act with simplicity for any changes
  • easily change the order of products or choose new ones
  • reduce information passages
  • publish simultaneously on different media (paper and web)

Buyers can:

  • check the contents already grouped in homogeneous relationships and by categories
  • update or modify the image associated with each product
  • send the missing images yourself
  • check and modify texts and prices

The graphs:

  • receiving the content already corrected, they only deal with the graphic design automatically and are thus relieved of choices that do not compete or manual corrections that can generate errors.


The advantages

The advantages of the multi-channel solution are relevant and measurable even when the basic version is activated. The interface with the information system allows to create the campaign in the management and to activate the eTeam functionalities for the content management. This mode of campaign activation allows you to design new campaigns with your own rules.
The saving, in terms of time of campaign creation has more economic advantages:

  • saving of computer resources for the creation of the campaign file
  • construction of a product database enriched with the correct marketing content
  • acceleration of the communication process with the graphics agency
  • interaction with the multi-channel solution for the management of the production and correction phases
  • management through automatic notifications of the entire process


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