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Smart working: collaborative platforms and cloud solutions

Because of the Coronavirus emergency, 'smart working' is one of the most searched for entries and on Google Trend it has taken a surge.

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Software for Food & Beverage.

4Pack is the fully integrated solution that provides a unique source of data and ensures the integrity of product information at every point of use.

Grow your business with Digital Asset Management

A Digital Asset Management solution is able to help any type of company because it is a crucial support in the preservation and recovery of digital resources.

Food packaging, innovative and sustainable

What are facilities and innovations in food packaging?

PIM or Product Information Management

The PIM is a collaborative platform, an online work table that facilitates work between different parts of a company and turns data into a strategic asset.

What is the DMS, Document Management System?

According to the CIO, the reference point for IT managers, an employee spends an average of 38 minutes a day searching for a document.

eTEAM® is featured in "Largo Consumo" magazine

From eTEAM are born different vertical solutions dedicated to specific market sectors

eTEAM received the prestigious Rising Star award from FinancesOnline

eTEAM has recently been recognised as an efficient integrated platform to simplify various activities.

Why invest in Digital Asset Management (DAM).

DAM consists of the archiving, indexing, maintenance and distribution of digital assets, where assets are: images, video, audio, documents, in other words, everything that can be digitized.