Pharma and Nutraceuticals: workflow and repository for packaging

Tailor-made solution for pharma and nutraceutical packaging, with a centralised repository and workflow for pack production

repository and workflow for pharma

When it comes to packaging and labelling, pharmaceutical companies must adhere to strict laws and regulatory guidelines and pay close attention to artwork and labelling processes, tirelessly striving to get it right first time and taking every opportunity to mitigate sources of error. 

The main causes of errors on pharmaceutical packaging have been identified as: 

  • Gaps and inconsistencies in the process
    The artwork approval process is well managed, but upstream pack copy creation and approval is haphazard and leads to inaccurate content.
  • Lack of expertise
    Employees involved in the process lack the necessary knowledge to carry out their tasks, which means that artwork reviewers are unsure of the areas they are required to check.
  • Inadequate decision-making process
    Artwork is accelerated through a process with no checkpoints. Due to general mismanagement of the process and shortened deadlines they are riskily approved.
  • Ambiguity 
    In some cases too many people are potentially involved in an offline process and individual responsibility for certain actions, such as final approval, is never established. 
  • Information errors 
    When preparing the artwork, the designer may not be sure that they will receive the final approved version of the package copy. This is common if uncontrolled or multiple sources of information are used, e.g. local copies of spreadsheets or even handwritten notes.
  • Human error 
    Assigning responsibility and oversight for upstream content and robust artwork verification and approval processes are important to ensure that any human error is detected before files are sent to press.
  • Technological errors 
    The packaging process necessarily involves multiple technologies (graphics, multiple business systems). If the technologies are not robust or controlled, some problems can occur such as copy and paste errors, problems with fonts, problems with PDF creation. 

To solve these problems we have configured a specific solution for the Pharma and Nutraceutical sector.


How it works


  • With eTEAM's Digital Asset Management, the company gains full control of the printing systems and executives. Artwork and labels are structured and sorted in the DAM. Access is secure and set according to permission levels per user.
  • In the Product Information Management module, data is sorted by product sheets and translated for global markets in a unique way, ensuring data certainty from a single source of truth. There are automatic multilevel and multilingual ingredient list compositions for packaging and data sheets.
  • A Project Management tool coordinates the packaging review and update process and the digital layout sharing and approval stages with graphic agencies.

The benefits

  • elimination of paper or private exchanges by e-mail: all notes, indications and corrections are entered into the system
  • more efficient management of jobs, saving time in sharing contents and validations
  • drastically reduced margin of error with consequent savings in printing costs
  • the creation flow of new artwork is faster
  • the creation of a single central repository reduces errors and provides an archive of all jobs

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