Complete and integrated product database

It is indispensable and contains the necessary elements to create and organise multi-channel business communication simultaneously.

Complete and integrated product database

Managing technical and descriptive product data in a structured and modular way means writing, translating and validating the information once and reusing this content in all the multi-channel outputs where it is required. This means significant time and cost savings and a drastic reduction in errors.

The product database is an essential choice in any organization, the basis for any communication, both traditional and web-based. 


  • full control of product data
  • unambiguousness and certainty of content
  • time saving and error reduction
  • system warranty and security
  • improvement of internal and external collaboration
  • ease of export


How it works

The product databases developed on eTEAM, structured on customer specifications, dialogue with all computer systems in input and output.

Thanks to the definition of groups, users and permissions, each user can access - in reading and/or writing - only the contents that are relevant to them. For example: the technical department can modify the tables and insert the technical descriptions of the products; the marketing department adds the commercial descriptions, the graphic designer or the external agency updates the images and drawings; the management inserts the prices; the foreign branch carries out the translation of the contents, etc..



  • the software and data produced reside on a high-performance server structure, capable of supporting international traffic and large amounts of files
  • the modularity of eTEAM and its main features allow the integration with Digital Asset and Product Information Management systems, in inputs and outputs
  • eTEAM APIs allow you to dynamically feed websites
  • the product database becomes the company's unique and up-to-date repository, the place where employees and subsidiaries around the world can draw on the safe, secure, approved data of each product


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