Who is eTEAM designed for?

eTEAM allows the management and control of the company's digital assets

An increase in communication channels and the range of digital formats, combined with the demand to increase the speed and ease of sharing, puts pressure on the process of managing your communications.

eTEAM is the ideal solution for those who want to control the life cycle of digital resources: product data, images, layouts, web publications ...

It is a collaborative technology that expands and virtualizes the workspace, enables and supports smart working, agile working, teleworking or remote working.



"I am responsible for managing information at every stage of a product's life cycle and it's a very demanding task. 


Indeed, the number of variants, communication channels and languages are always on the rise. 

The amount of data, information and assets that needs managing is continually increasing, eTEAM allows me to update information in one place and effectively collaborate with my colleagues in marketing, sales, design and quality control.  I cannot imagine going back to our old ways of working!"


"The advent of digital media has revolutionized our way of offering products and marketing activities. With a collaborative platform like eTEAM, my work has been revolutionised. Marketing manage a range of rich media, content and assets, all of which need to be governed and shared with colleagues, partners and designers.


It is the responsibility of the Marketing team to create personalized, engaging and effective communications and to offer better services, to develop customer relationships.


We can do it with eTEAM! "



"To achieve our business objectives and to support the digital transformation strategy, as IT director I need centralized, consistent and controlled data.  I need new technologies that are easy to implement, instantly scalable, robust with proven performance and able integrate with other systems.


eTEAM delivers this, it is a centralised modular solution designed to archive and share product content, assets and data.  It provides us with a competitive advantage."


"Technical data and product descriptions, multimedia files such as images, audio, video, graphics, etc., are important resources at the base of every communication project that we are asked to carry out.


For my agency, for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, videomakers but also press offices and external collaborators of various kinds: for each of these roles a solution such as eTEAM streamlines the processes of searching, sending and approving assets.


The efficiencies it instantly delivers enables us to do our job better"



Developed to be personalized, eTEAM allows a high level of customization for the individual company and for the market sector.

eTEAM for Industry market

It supports companies in multi-country and multi-channel communication and verifies the effectiveness of each marketing action.

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eTEAM in Retail market and GDO

It facilitates collaboration between the different teams involved in the creation of store material: buyer, marketing and graphic department.

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eTEAM per il Mercato Franchising

Integrates into organizations, from communication planning to product selection, media and loyalty strategies.

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eTEAM per il Mercato Franchising

It coordinates and makes efficient multi-channel communication on the territory, starting from centrally approved guidelines.

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eTEAM in the world

The diffusion of eTEAM in the world
The diffusion of eTEAM in the world
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  • Serbia
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Russia
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  • Turkey
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