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E-procurement solution for company networks, institutions and franchising activities

Brand hub for the company and its corporate


For companies with sales networks, institutions, organizations with global offices, we offer Brand Hub, e-procurement applications based on the eTEAM platform, for the management and sharing of activities between Headquarters and branch offices.

BrandHub enables you and your partners to access:

  • communication material
  • price lists and catalogues
  • product data sheets
  • landing pages
  • DEM tool
  • gadgets and stationery

Have full visibility and control by managing and monitoring access, customization, approval, order and usage . 

This application has some general objectives and others specifically addressed to the branch offices and the parent company.



  • facilitate communication between Head Office and the various locations
  • facilitate the promotion of products on different media: web, paper, apps
  • reduce communication costs and timescales

Goals for Locations

  • to have a direct channel of communication and approval with the Head Office
  • easily create your own communication on a predefined basis from the Head Office
  • easily produce the different communications by using template modules

Head Office benefits

  • increase the effectiveness of communication through the adoption of innovative and multimedia tools
  • oversee all activities through a system of supervision, verification and approval
  • offer their sites the possibility of access to the best conditions for quality printing


How it works

The application is reserved access: it is possible to use the services only after Head Office authorization.

Inside the web portal there are sections for the:

  • master communication templates (brochures, flyers, posters..)
  • define and customise the communication content
  • profile management for each team and office 

Head Office

It makes the communication material available:

  • flyers
  • pictures
  • letterhead
  • cards
  • application forms
  • html pages for any newsletters or sites

It can also communicate with the entire network through news and announcements.


Headquarter / Branch

It can choose the material made available by Head Office and personalize it with its own personal data.

It does not need professional layout tools because everything is done by the application.

It can order the printing at the best economic conditions.

It has tools for sending newsletters to subscribers.


Corporate Guideline Adherence
Head Office is certain that the material used in all communication adheres to the defined corporate guidelines.

Each team, division, branch or user has permission controlled access to Head Office approved material reducing the need to request the current version each time an activity needs to be completed.

Ease of use
BrandHub has been designed to be simple to use for business users, it does not require any particular graphic or technical IT skills.

You can access it whenever you want and from any location, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Cost savings
The portal enables the rationalisation of printing requests of the various media, saving time and costs.

Time saving
Flyers, brochures and other communication materials are produced automatically.

Customized output
You can create and configure a wide range of customised formats and layouts, with define editable templates.

Multichannel strategy
The documents produced are ready to be shared via print, web and mobile.



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