Release note - October 2019

Discover the new features that make eTEAM even more efficient!

15th october 2019

Below are the latest updates released.

Alongside the title you will find the following information:

  •     "General Release" are features implemented for all users of the platform, although bound to different levels of permission.
  •     "Configurable on Request" are features that require a specific assessment of the real needs of the customer before they are implemented.

If you have any questions about general updates or if you would like to know more about features that require a specific configuration, please contact our accounts or our customer support service.


Enhanced comparison between pages/pdf (General release)

The comparison of a version of the page/pdf with the current one, a function now available in the "notes" panel, has been made more performing.
Among the new features:

  • automatic alignment in the case of work tables with different dimensions
  • setting the sensitivity level for highlighting differences
  • Zoom synchronization in parallel views

The screenshot shows the two types of "view" available:

the "standard" view, which displays the two versions of the page to be compared and then the differences in the third part of the window; the "zoom" view with the thumbnails to the side and the largest display of possible differences in the center

Comparison of artwork V2


Database of "textual" contents common to several items (Configurable on request)

The use of common claims and wording between articles has created the need to create "content" type cards to be linked simultaneously to multiple products or items.
These cards follow their own approval flow and automatically generate blocks of text that can be used directly in publications.
The single "content" sheet can be translated into multiple languages, approved and linked to multiple articles.
In this way, a real database of marketing information and wording to be included in different publications is built up.

Request the configuration


Database of text content related to the product


Optimisation of the comparison of "text blocks" in the individual product & pending notifications (General release)

In the "Comparison of previous versions" panel of a product sheet, a new column allows you to immediately see the differences between the texts and the previous version.
The view of the "Pending changes" in the "Status info" panel has also been made more efficient; the single change is displayed in tabular form and reports:
  • time/date
  • customer
  • element name
  • language
  • field and content before/after
Thanks to this modification it is possible to obtain a "at a glance" view of all the changes made to the individual fields of the reference.

Optimisation of the comparison of text blocks in the reference and pending notifications


Improving the User Experience (General release)

New skin, designed to promote the UX of users and the best visualization of all elements.
The new skin allows a significant improvement of the navigation experience and remains customizable by the user.

Update skin UX

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