Release note - January 2020

That's how we made eTEAM even more efficient!

24 January 2020

Below are the latest updates released.

At the end of each description you will find the following information:

Global release”: are features implemented for all users of the platform, although bound to different levels of permission.

Configurable on request”: are features that require a specific assessment of the real needs of the customer before they are implemented.

If you have any questions about general updates or if you would like to know more about features that require a specific configuration, please contact our accounts or our customer support service.


Categories / keywords management in all modules

Categories / keywords can now be managed independently on all modules:

  • PIM (Product Database)
  • DAM (Assets Library)
  • DMS (Publications)

Each module can have its own category tree or use the same tree as another module.

From today also in the artwork module you can assign categories for a new and tidier navigation experience.

The screenshot shows the differentiation of the keyword tree in the three main modules:

Global Release

Improved artwork search engine

In the search engine of the artwork library you can now search for "My publications".
Once the search result is saved, you can also set a specific widget in the dashboard with the publication assigned to you. This will give you a global view of the status of the publications you are following.

The screenshot shows the field where you can select the individual user in the DMS search engine.

The screenshot shows a widget configured with the list of publications in which a user is associated.


Global Release

Multiple upload of files in the DMS (Publications)

This features allows multiple uploads of source-files or PDF to be associated with the various artworks. Multiple settings allow a complete customization of the the new uploads.

The screenshot shows the settings after a multiple file uploads. The drag&drop function allow a complete customization.

Global Release

Duplicate management in the DAM (Asset Library)

This feature allows the identification of files in the database of assets having the same name and the same extension.
Based on the results, the user can decide which assets to keep and with which features.

The duplicate asset management screen shows on the left the mutiple files in the database, and on the right the result of the "merge" between the various files, with the possibility to manually assign TAGs or categories. Once merged, the other files will be deleted from the database and will no longer be available.

Global Release

Links to the reference (SKU) grouped by category

In the SKU card (product or reference card) it is now possible to link contents categorized by type.
This allows a better navigation and consultation of all associated elements.
Links can be: assets, ingredients or other textual content (such as allergens and preparation methods).
Different types of content can be linked to the SKU tab.

In the left column you can see under "STRUCTURE" the assets, item, relation and table category.
In the central part of the screen, the contents linked to the SKU tab are each displayed in their own panel.

Configurable on request

Function of assigning the individual user to the reference (SKU)

In the single reference (SKU) it is possible to associate a single user, to enable its visibility and receive the notifications provided by the approval flow.

In the screenshot is highlighted the field of the product sheet (reference or SKU) where you can assign the single user by dropdown, selecting among those available.

Configurable on request

eTEAM user management

The customer's eTEAM administrator will now be able to manage the platform's users independently. The admin (if enabled) will be able to create new companies, new users or modify some information of the existing ones.

A practical counter in the left column will allow a monitoring of the number of users of the platform and those still available (according to the existing contract).

The screenshot shows the user management in the "Admin" section. Only enabled users will be able to view this section.

Configurable on request

Automatic assignment of TAG and Keyword on data imported from FTP

With the correct setting of rules that identify TAG (#) and Keyword (@) on FTP folders, importing data into the DAM module makes this information available to the user.

Global release

Browser compatibility

We remind you that eTEAM is backwards compatible with the latest 3 versions of the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

We recommend to keep your browser always updated for the best use of the software.
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