Release note - October 2020

That's how we made eTEAM even more efficient!

8th October 2020

Below are the latest updates released.

At the end of each description you will find the following information:

Global release”: are features implemented for all users of the platform, although bound to different levels of permission.

Configurable on request”: are features that require a specific assessment of the real needs of the customer before they are implemented.

If you have any questions about general updates or if you would like to know more about features that require a specific configuration, please contact our accounts or our customer support service.



The performance of the content database search engine and object library has been increased. Thanks to this new functionality, even with a full text search, a high usability and rapidity in the result is guaranteed.

General release



Security measures in authentication have been increased. In particular, it is no longer possible to use the same password several times or derived from the username.
In addition, two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator has already been implemented and is available.

General release



The new "Project" entity was created to manage PIM, DAM, DMS and publications simultaneously and sequentially. A project can manage the workflow of one or more publications:

  • the organisation of contents and the management/updating of their status
  • the approval phases through a sequence of predefined activities
  • notifications/e-mails to the actors involved in the workflow
  • the monitoring of project timing planning

Functionality available on request



In the content database search engine it is now possible to view and search also the dynamic fields of the entities connected to the main tab. In this way the cross searches are more punctual and performing.

General release



In the User Profile section there are new features related to the label display preferences in the tab fields. The user can select the layout they prefer according to their needs.

General release



A new simplified interface has been implemented for editing and saving personal and general searches within search engines.

General release

Browser compatibility

We remind you that eTEAM is backwards compatible with the latest 3 versions of the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

We recommend to keep your browser always updated for the best use of the software.
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