Multi channel content management to feed a multi country website all in one platform for Aluk

An online communication system capable of supporting numerous websites localized on specific markets and in different languages.

Aluk is a multinational group that produces systems for the construction of windows and facade walls in aluminum.


Following its growth in the International market, Aluk needs to improve its marketing communication, its organisation and the online delivered services, to better affirm the quality of the brand and its products and recognition in the market.

The high number of products, the numerous and detailed technical and regulatory information, the variety of technical and information communication materials to be made available, must be managed on a platform that ensures order and availability of all the files. In addition, services to support customers and commercial partners in the area must be provided.


An online communication system based on eTEAM functionalities was developed to be capable of supporting several websites located in specific markets and in different languages. This in order to illustrate the company’s services and products, with the highest quality of communication. eTEAM centralised the supervision of all processes and collaborative activities between the various stakeholders.

The centralised database, with information of all the products, is the heart of all the online and printed communication, thanks to the automatic devices that allow the customer to independently produce promotional materials.



  • Centralization of all product data
  • Autonomy in the production of promotional materials
  • Faster communication with partners and customers
  • Significant savings in production and management of web sites

MARKET / Industry, Contractors

Example of Aluk contents

To successfully face growth on the international market, new online communication tools, a centralized database and effective support to commercial partners in the area are needed.

This is an example of the potential of eTEAM.
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