Brand Hub for ARAG

A solution to make easy the communication with agencies and encourage the sale of insurance products.

ARAG is the leading legal protection company in Italy, present on the market for more than 50 years. It belongs to a German insurance group with offices in 15 European countries, in the United States, Canada and Australia.


In organizations with sales network there are common problems, like the difficulty for the Headquarter to share with its Agencies the communication material produced, also following the requests for customization of individual partners. At the same time, the Agencies have difficulty in finding the precise guidelines and indications for the self-production of promotional and institutional material, as well as difficulties in technically implementing or supervising the creation. There are also economic difficulties to remain compliant and consistent, complexities that lead to compromises and errors. 

Arag's request had these objectives:

Objectives in general

  • Facilitate communication between headquarters and agencies
  • Facilitate the promotion of products on different media: web, paper, app
  • Saving and strengthening the company's "corporate" for the benefit of the company's recognizability and values
  • Incentivising communication, optimizing processes, reducing costs and time
  • Monitor all network activities
  • Obtain specific reports

Agency targets

  • Can easily produce the promotional offers designed by the Headquarters
  • Customize the commercial kit and proposals by simple streams
  • Have a reportage on the activities carried out
  • Have a communication channel and approval direct with the parent company
  • Have a printable version of the promotion, for local printers or direct printing
  • Have access to advanced marketing services DEM and DM for targeted communication on the territory
  • The possibility to create your own web communication on a predefined basis by the parent company


For Arag we have configured an application of Brand Hub that allows the oversee of all communication activities of the Headquarters and related Agencies, ensuring respect for the corporate corporate rules and governing costs and processes.

The application has been integrated with the ARAG2web portal by identifying a single sign-on mechanism between the two.

Then, several figures have visibility and permissions depending on their role:

  • agency
  • buyer
  • administrator
  • commercial
  • viewer
  • bank
  • broker

Each one easily finds the communication materials available and orders them to the Head Office according to the own needs.

A automatic layout system has also been implemented with which the agency can select from a panel the products it intends to promote locally.

The application provides a system for supervision, verification and approval of the communication material and offers made by the dealer network.

Agencies benefit from the commercial strength of the marketing campaigns implemented by the Head Office and can take advantage of remote production services. The integration with the Business Intelligence module allows to monitor the network activities by time period, by agency, by product, by value and by other modes defined in the start-up phase.


With this solution the headquarters in Arag:

  • May govern the costs and processes of all communication activities
  • Presides all the activities and promotions carried out through a system of supervision, verification and approval of the material and proposed offers
  • It contains information on the type, preferences and the effectiveness of the material requested and customized by the Agents
  • It has advanced Business Intelligence (B.I.) systems for the multidimensional analysis of the activities and work of the agencies

Market / Finance, Franchising

The Italian legal protection market is growing and there are customized policies for specific targets. A tool like eTEAM makes it possible to maintain a fruitful link with the network of agencies and offer increasingly targeted policies to clients.

This is an example of the potential of eTEAM.
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