Brand Hub for Whirlpool

A solution for multi-country marketing and corporate communication, enriched with a label creation module.

Whirlpool is a world leader in the household appliances sector. It’s presents in the market with six commercial brands, in order to offer a complete products range.


Whirlpool Europe team, responsible for the marketing and corporate communications in all the countries of the EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa) area, needs a solution to coordinate activities in the different countries. The goal was the control of the various brand’s communication, to uniform the management of the communication files and to strongly reduce high diseconomies in the processes.



The number of brands in the group, the number of countries involved, the different languages and the possibility of sharing among a large number of managers, were the main challenges to be faced in configuring eTEAM to Whirlpool's specific needs.

A challenge successfully won because as eTEAM is able to support high traffic of data as well as high number of accesses from working users. It’s DAM, PIM and DMS modules can deal with the contents of the publication in a capillary way, from the page to the single technical data.

 eTEAM for Whirlpool Europe its configured and customized to the customer’s needs, centrally managed by the Marketing Europe team (based in Italy). This allows the various countries to choose and customise, according with defined guidelines and rules imposed by the central office, the production of catalogues, brochures and other materials for their reference markets. All this, according to a multi-country policy, distinct for each brand of reference: Whirlpool, Indesit, KitchenAid, Hotpoint, Bauknecht.

Operationally, each country in the EMEA area access to the communication materials of its own competence and may customize and translate them. With a dedicated web interface, the publication’s contents are selected, composed and published.

In addition, with the CMS module and automatic pagination tools, the Product’s Data Sheets and Energy Labels are generated as PDF, drawing the data directly from the mainframe.

For an effective use of the contents also on mobile, the desktop and mobile digital publishing functionalities have been implemented, interacting with Adobe InDesign and allowing the creation of the dedicated App on iOS and Android stores, monitored by the Analytics.


With eTEAM, Whirlpool Europe has now a web based solution that produces and coordinates the multi-channel marketing and corporate communication on the territory, starting from centrally approved guidelines.

More than 400 users among branch staff, graphic designers and administrators have access to it, while more than 50 have access for reading or downloading files only.

There are 60,000 product references divided into various brands and almost 400,000 assets:

  • Automatic Technical Drawing
  • Automatic Energy Labels
  • Automatic data sheets
  • Automatic product fiches 
  • Extende Technical Drawing
  • Product pictures
  • Traditional technical drawings
  • Logos
  • Set pictures and photo details

These resources, inputed from SAP into eTEAM, are a fundamental part of territorial communication.

The advantages are evident: eTEAM, with this strong configuration is able to manage and drive simultaneously:

  • 27 Brochures
  • 232 BI Catalogs
  • 45 FS Catalogues
  • 410 sets of Product Data Sheets

Starting from this centralized database, each Brand has achieved a significant reduction in the production time of all the communication’s outputs. The contents are in all the languages of the EMEA countries. It has also been possible to centralize the printing process obtaining a reduction in costs and a more correct and effective communication on the territory.

MARKET / Industry, International

The Brand Hub allows you to manage and monitor the production of catalogues, price lists, brochures for each brand, for each country and language.

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