Digital Asset and Product Information Management for the SME Group

The centralization of data and communication assets enables successful e-commerce and promotional flyer production.

SME is a leading retail brand in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions. The Group is multi-specialized in the sale of household appliances, furniture, DIY and leisure products. 

The company has experienced great development in the last twenty years and has established itself in the retail trade, with its own formula and identity that make it unique on the national scene. In the large areas of the 9 stores, located in sites always easily accessible, there is a wide assortment, deep and very complete, which counts over 200,000 items. This strong development has increased the complexity in the management of communication materials. The need is to manage centrally and more efficiently all the company's assets, such as images and videos.


SME sells different types of products: from household appliances to telephones, furniture, DYI tools such as drills and screwdrivers. The sale takes place in EMS stores, via e-commerce on its own website and via e-commerce on third part websites. Other division companies in the Group have other own sales channels, mainly to BtoB and directly to local retailers, e.g. small shops. The result is that a single product has the same technical characteristics but has different codes and prices for each sales output and marketing actions.


The activation of the modules DAM and PIM of eTEAM centralizes through web services, all the assets and product data that were dispersed on different e-commerce sites and corporate servers. 

At the moment the 2 modules have centralized and enriched with descriptions and tags more than 1,000,000 items (which are sold by different stores), 800,000 products and 1,200,000 images.

With this centralization eTEAM becomes the only data source that will populate the group's e-commerce sites.

In addition, through automatic layout templates, graphic designers and store managers will be able to quickly select and produce, paper promotional flyers POP material, banners, etc.


  • Univocity and content optimization in one single data source
  • Efficient management of multi-channel communication
  • Reduction of production time of all ouputs
  • Sharing content with points of sale and e-commerce sites

MARKET / Retail

SME Group's wide range of products and sales channels, requires an advanced Digital Asset Management as eTEAM, able to solve all the complexities related to sales organization and multi-channel communication.

This is an example of the potential of eTEAM.
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