Product database and publishing automatisms for Gyproc

A centralized repository, with a workflow and automatic features for the management and the publication of technical and commercial product’s information.

Gyproc Belgium, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, is a world leader specialising in the production of gypsum-based products, especially plasterboard.



The collaboration with Gyproc Belgium had these objectives:

  • A cloud based solution which avoid to install software and hardware, configured to the real needs of the group
  • A customized interface to easy most of the functionalities and give full autonomy in setting up the product sheet’s fields, as well as the creation of users and their access permissions to the system
  • A daily interaction with the mainframe and an easy data exchange with Excel files
  • Creation of a unique DATABASE for technical data, prices, marketing contents, logistics data, regarding the products, product’s systems and resources
  • Dynamic and AUTOMATIC generation of price list, product data sheets and instruction booklets



A characteristic of eTEAM is to interface the software infrastructures present in companies, in input and output and collect information from different departments. It also stands out for its natural disposition to receive data in analytical form and structure them within product sheets, built on specific needs.

These eTEAM capabilities, expressed with the modules PIM and DAM, have made possible to create a central repository of all products data: textual information, images and technical drawings.

This has become a single source of truth for the whole company, not only for the marketing and sales division, but now also for the production department, via the "data sheets".

Through the DMS module, the collaboration between people from different departments, working on current publications has become more efficient: according with their permissions, they may act on technical, logistical, pricing and marketing information. An efficient workflow that avoids overlapping and duplications in the processes.
Furthermore, the automatic layout templates, specifically engineered, have made possible the generation of products and product’s system data sheets, manuals, guides and price lists, originating from a single data source and published in a multi-channel mode in the different media.

25 people, manage the handling and updating of almost 3000 images, 800 products and as many product’s systems.
For each product a PIB, the family data sheet in 2 languages, and a FICHE, the individual product data sheet, are created.
In the same way, for each product’s system a SIB is created in the 2 languages plus all PDFs for the individual variants.


  • Easy management of multi-channel media communication
  • Data updated always in real time in a single shared workspace
  • Better data quality control and possibility of error strongly reduced
  • Production time’s reduction for all outputs
  • Improvement of the time to market

MARKET / Industry - International

eTEAM is a definite help. It forces me to work in a structured way which felt like a curse at the beginning, but has turned out to be a big blessing.
These are a big advantages compared to f.i. our ERP system (SAP) where all changes to software, functionalities, permissions etc need to be requested in a ticketing system and developments are not done by Saint-Gobain personnel, but by IBM developers... very time consuming, developments are planned per quarter.

This is an example of the potential of eTEAM.
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