Finefoods artwork management

Centralize and streamline the creation of new artwork to reduce errors.

Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. is the largest Italian contract manufacturer of food supplements and an important player in the pharmaceutical market. 


The ever-increasing number of artworks to be processed and the stringent controls of the label have led the company to evaluate the automation of packaging management processes in order to have a central repository of all product information.


To meet the need that emerged, the implementation of 4PACK, the global packaging solution, based on eTEAM proprietary software and operating in S.a.a.s. mode simply via browser, was proposed.  It has been set up a creation flow of new artwork and a repository of all historical works.


  • New artwork creation workflow has been speeded up
  • More effective management of artwork, saving time sharing content and validations
  • A single central repository has reduced errors resulting in savings in printing costs
  • A complete history of all the jobs

This is an example of the potential of eTEAM.
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