Editorial workflow for the creation of the Ikea Business brochure

Setting up approval steps and stages on a collaborative platform.

Ikea is a multinational company founded in Sweden, 345 sales centers in 42 countries, most of which in Europe where 70% of turnover is made.


For 70 years the IKEA catalog has been an important marketing and communication tool. The Swedish company has literally entered all homes with door-to-door distribution. Since last year, faithful to its idea of a sustainable and green future, it has decided to reduce its environmental impact and not send the new catalog to the homes of all customers.
For customers in the business, proposes a dedicated brochure, exclusively online, with specific proposals by type of activity: offices, restaurants and bars, shops, Bed & Breakfast, real estate.


The browsable online has been enriched with animations and various features, thus making the communicational value of the contents more incisive. Slideshows, pop ups, fading images, external links and videos increase the value of the user experience by the consumer who can also share the products on social networks or print the brochure himself.
With push-notification , in addition to communicating directly with users, high interest in publication, inviting users to view promotions, events, news, content updates, etc.

The DMS module of eTEAM was used for the production flow of the pages, with uploading of texts and graphic contents and phases of checks and corrections. This module is ideal for organizing and facilitating the collaborative creation of documents and other content through customized workflows and approval flows.


  • The sharing of images, texts and pages within a collaborative platform has allowed a more rational management of the workflow and eliminated the dispersion of information.

  • Any modification, correction or change, even of entire pages, can be made in real time on all the stores where the publication is present.

  • The marketing department can access the dashboard to view the tracking statistics of user behavior within the publication, down to the detail of the single click.

  • The activities in digital and online mode have eliminated the costs relating to the printing of photocopies, proofs, messages, various communications and those relating to transport for periodic meetings, fully achieving the IKEA objective to produce a sustainable catalog.

  • The online brochure, optimized for any device, unlike the printed catalog, not only enters all homes but anywhere and is usable in any situation.

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