Brand Management Software to increase brand value.


Brand management software can help you in your activities, whatever the role and whatever the sector in which your company operates.

For effective brand perception, companies are facing increasing challenges and must be equipped to generate and distribute content quickly, clearly and consistently. They need to do this with a consistent message, across an increasingly wide range of channels and platforms.

But are we sure that the marketing clerk is using the same resources as the shop assistant? And do we know for sure that the graphic design agency has the corporate assets, the final approved logo, the correct product text translations and the verified prices?

This is where the Brand Management software comes in, a collaborative platform that allows you to digitise technical data, images, marketing descriptions and through a workflow automatically produce publications for each channel, while maintaining absolute brand consistency.

A solution that brings together all the elements of a brand and its products.

A solution that brings everyone together:

  • Marketing department
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Control
  • Legal Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Sales Department
  • Graphic/Advertising Agency
  • Foreign offices and branches
  • Printer

This is why Brand Management Software is becoming an indispensable tool for today's largest and most competitive brands. 

What are the benefits of using Brand Management software? 

A system capable of managing media assets and product data and integrating them into your multi-channel communications brings significant benefits to companies in every sector, but let's look at some of them in more detail.

These are the key benefits of brand management software.

  • Brand consistency

The Digital Asset Management, a module in a valuable Brand Asset Management, organises all marketing assets in a single, easy-to-use and shareable space. This saves you time when searching for a file, an image, a logo. In addition, you can be sure that the file you are looking for is the final one, certified, approved and above all ready to use, downloadable in the format of your choice, whether for paper or the web.

A good Brand Asset Management is also equipped with a Product Information Management module that allows you to have all your product data centralised in one place and to safely and quickly release data sheets and product sheets, both for print and for feeding websites.

  • Increased productivity.

Brand Asset Management software enables local marketing teams to create their own material. This makes the whole organisation more productive. Local marketers don't need to hire a graphic designer or spend time trying to learn the business.

Also, there is no need to ask the graphic designer to create custom files for each local marketer who requires new or updated brand marketing materials. Everything is available online and the team doesn't have to take the time to retrieve and send logos, images and documents to the different locations.

  • Local marketing managers/branches

Local marketing, the branch staff, will find the material prepared by the head office to which they will only have to make customisations or changes which will undergo a review process and then be approved.

Pre-approved marketing templates allow local marketers to promote special events and propose offers with specific details, tailored to the territory and its customers.  The user can also choose from the different languages already available and make the necessary changes. This is the case for countries that have a common language, so translations into French, German, Portuguese or Spanish can be used for several countries.

The automatisms and workflow built into the Document Management System module enable even people with no IT or graphic design experience to produce communication material quickly.

  • Reduction of marketing material waste

Much of the marketing material that is produced is wasted for various reasons: errors and misprints, excessive print volumes, incorrect calibration for different markets, unused stock...

Brand management software enables a company to produce and deliver only what is needed, when and where it is needed. At the same time, local branches only require the material they need.

  • Cost and time savings

The speed with which materials are available, the ease with which corporate and customised material can be produced, the rationalisation of printing requests and translations, are just some of the features that bring a significant reduction in time and costs.

  • Customised output

Good brand management software comes with guideline-based templates and automatisms that can quickly produce:

    • Web sites
    • Catalogues
    • Advertising publications (magazines and journals)
    • Promotional brochures (booklets, coupons, etc.)
    • Magazines (editorial)
    • POS
    • Various web publications

  • Modularity and the cloud

Brand Management software must be able to adapt to the growth of the business, release functionality as needed and have no limits to use, both in terms of location and time. This is why the cloud solution is ideal: it is always available and the user can connect from anywhere in the world and at any time, via an internet connection and access credentials configured with special permissions for use dedicated to him.

With a Brand Management Software such as the one developed on eTEAM, companies have at their disposal a cutting-edge technological tool, but above all the possibility of controlling, governing the costs and processes of all communication activities through a system of supervision, verification and approval of the material and offers proposed. It is an indispensable solution for companies that produce material that needs to be customised by their branches, points of sale, partners. 

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eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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