Digital transformation: the opportunity to work smart.


Every day the world is becoming more and more dynamic and connected. We are producing and consuming multimedia content at the speed of light: every minute, we upload hundreds of hours of videos, thousands of blog articles and millions of social media posts. 

To give just one example, just think that on the Youtube channel are uploaded each minute over 500 hours of video and every day is watched over 1 billion hours of video (Youtube statistics).

Traditional marketing methods fail to keep up with the variety of content and platforms used by the target audience and the consequence is clear: if marketers were already busy before, they are even more busy now. 

Speaking with marketing managers from different sectors, the phrase that resonates most often is: "I had to abandon some great ideas for lack of time".

In fact, if marketers used to work hard, twelve hours a day, six days a week, they now work sixteen hours a day, but in a different, smarter way. In the digital age marketers are always on the alert, ready to grasp the idea, the intuition, the effective strategy to promote their product.  They have to understand which are the right platforms and the winning content and to do this they have to become users of the digital content spread on different channels themselves.

However, in the classic day of work in the office, marketing professionals spend most of their time to perform tasks that do not concern them or to search for materials, chase information on products that come from different departments, check and verify repeatedly content that had already been corrected, but then you know ... an error always escapes us.

If a marketing department is poorly equipped it is difficult to manage the increasing pressure due, as we said, to the different channels and the constant presence of the most aggressive competitors. Delivery times get longer, quality suffers and all this has a devastating impact on the value and reputation of the brand.

3 tips to make your marketing department more efficient

Marketing departments rarely have unified solutions available that support daily workflows from start to finish. Many work steps are silo structured, create unsustainable workloads and the marketing task is reduced to whether or not to approve a step.

The solution is to modernise the marketing tools available and transform the way of working so that more can be achieved with less effort. Smarter marketing work management will not only help you regain efficiency, it will also rekindle the passion and creativity you need to set up your organisation.

1. Centralize data

We are all aware that every day we spend most of our time in the office looking for a document, an image, a layout. Often it resides on a local server, on a colleague's computer or in the worst case in some external agency, which must waste as much time to retrieve the file you require. 

When you manage to retrieve it, if you are careful you will realize that it is not the latest version but a previous one and so you start searching again, ask your former colleagues, the printer and if it really goes wrong you have to make do with what you have, repeat the corrections of the last time and get the umpteenth duplicate of the same document.

Centralizing images and texts in a single solution, even better if integrated with the management systems within the company, you will not only have full control of your assets but you can also manage how to share with external partners, enrich the data and get a unique source, certain and verified: a source file (image, product sheet, layout) of excellent quality, ready to use on different channels.

2. Organize the work

Content management is not something you add to your work but becomes an integral part of your workflow and simplifies and improves your work. The best solutions, such as eTEAM, allow you to configure a workflow in line with the needs of your company, with processing steps accompanied by control, annotation and validation. You can configure internal and external accesses with different levels of permission and automatic notifications that arrive to the actors used in the processing.

For international markets, the translation work is facilitated by automatisms and each country can produce its own publication, following the guidelines and using corporate elements only.

3. Automate and distribute

Automating much of the work allows you to significantly improve your skills, meet deadlines and above all, improve the quality of the products obtained.  In addition, it allows you to recover valuable time for creativity, analyze the results and study new strategies.

When you have completed the first two steps (centralization and organization), the eTEAM automatisms help you to produce layouts such as catalogues, price lists, brochures and feed institutional sites, e-commerce, reserved areas. You can keep everything under control and follow the progress of processing, understand where the stops are, keep track of all corrections and annotations.

The advantages that are obtained are immediately reflected in the costs: compared to traditional processing through graphic and web agencies, the costs are reduced by 90%.

The work of digital transformation is reflected throughout the enterprise, bringing significant benefits throughout the organization. It also reflects on customer interaction and working on digital transformation also improves your experience with the brand. Digital transformation is a process that includes a whole series of technological and organizational changes and the eTEAM platform is the ideal tool to initiate this conversion.

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