Gartner recognizes 4Pack among the best software dedicated to packaging


eTEAM's LAM and PPSCM verticalization is included in Gartner's Market Guides

4Pack® is the eTEAM®-based solution that 4 Flying has developed to digitize packaging creation processes and ensure that the legal, marketing and commercial information of on-shelf references is always correct across all media.

Thanks to this verticalization, based on a deep understanding of the industry, leading food and beverage companies have drastically eliminated recalls and recalls due to label errors and achieved significant savings across the entire production flow, from new product development to launch.

The uniqueness of this solution has been recognized by Gartner, which has included it in two 2021 Market Guides:

  • Market Guide for Packaging and Product Specification Content Management
  • Market Guide for Labeling and Artwork Management

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