Facilities and incentives for the purchase of software


eTEAM is one of the software that can take advantage of the tax credit.

The text of the Budget Law 2021 was published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale on 30 December, after final approval by the Senate, and compared to the previous one there is a remodulation of incentives for Industry 4.0 and the strengthening of tax credits.

The manoeuvre launched by the Government aims to foster the conditions for the digital growth of Italian companies. It provides numerous tax benefits for companies that invest in innovation and the latest technologies. In particular:

  • Tax credit for investments in capital goods. 
    It is currently 6%, up to a ceiling of 2 million euros. It could rise to 10% for companies within a certain turnover limit and further increase for investments related to smart working.
  • The tax credit is currently 6%, up to a ceiling of EUR 2 million.
  • Tax credit for investments in capital goods 4.0.
    It is 40% up to 2.5 million euros, and 20% from 2.5 to 10 million euros. It should be reshaped as follows: 40% credit up to 4 million euros, 20% from 4 to 10 million euros, and new facility at 10% up to 20 million euros.
  • Credit at 40% up to 4 million euros, and 20% from 4 to 10 million euros.
  • Tax credit for investments in intangible assets 4.0 - software 4.0.
    From 15% up to 700,000 euros, it should rise to 20% up to an investment of 1 million euros.
  • Research & Development tax credit.
    From 12% up to a ceiling of €3 million for fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development in science and technology. It would rise to 20% on a maximum expenditure of 5 million euros.
  • Innovation tax credit.
    The rate of 6% in the maximum limit of 1.5 million euros for technological innovation activities, which rises to 10% for 4.0 innovation, would be increased to 10 and 15% respectively, doubling in both cases the expenditure ceiling to 3 million euros.

Contact us or call your business consultant to find out exactly what economic advantages the adoption of a Saas-based software such as eTEAM can offer:

  • a Saas service for the independent management of a PIM/PDM, DAM, DMS/EDM
  • the digitisation of information and workflow
  • the connection of input and output systems and different workspaces for the departments

These characteristics allow a tax credit to be recognised for investments in intangible assets (software, systems and system integration, platforms and applications) connected to investments in tangible assets "industry 4.0".

This is a valid opportunity to reduce your taxable income and renew your business with cutting-edge technological tools.

eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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