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All over the world, in every single minute, you upload about 72 hours of videos to YouTube. On Instagram you post 3600 photos per second. If we also analyze all the other platforms (websites, blogs, Facebook, Spotify, Linkedin...) we realize the huge amount of images that pass in front of our eyes during the day, such a volume that a hundred years ago we could only see in a lifetime. It seems impossible, but this data explains how communication has changed and how digital assets have become increasingly important. 

If a private individual can manage their assets with a simple program and a few hard disks, to manage a large amount of data, as can be those of a company, it is necessary to have a structure capable of supporting all communication activities. With this purpose some software called Digital Asset Management have been developed, real on-line archives able to catalogue and distribute every kind of digital resource in the most appropriate way.

For a company it is really necessary to have a Digital Asset Management?
If you are reading these lines it means you have already asked the question.
Yes, for a company it is necessary because the many digital documents that are created and exchanged every day must be managed correctly and efficiently, you must keep track of the various versions and above all, it must be simple to search and select the right asset for each occasion. 

In a company, who benefits from a Digital Asset Management solution?
The answer is very simple: everyone, directly or indirectly. A Digital Asset Management solution is able to help any type of company because it is a crucial support in the preservation and recovery of digital resources.  From the designer to the engineer, from the creative to the manager, from the marketing to the commercial, from the account to the external agencies...DAM allows you to find the resources quickly and with absolute certainty of the data.

But what are the advantages of a Digital Asset Management solution?

These are just some of the benefits of adopting a Digital Asset Management system:

    • Centrality and cost reduction
      • Respect to the hard disk archive, the management of the entire library of digital documents with a DAM provides extensive advantages in terms of search and use
      • Digital content is optimized and production costs are reduced.
    • Access and distribution
      • The access and use are custom configured and the user accesses with specific credentials and permissions
      • The distribution of digital content on the web is dynamic and immediate
    • Conformity and Brand Management
      • Guaranteeing and controlling access to data is a guarantee to ensure that the assets are used and distributed according to the guidelines
      • Files, agency, employees, partners, customers and suppliers can access their files
    • Efficiency
      • Use Digital Asset Management as a database that integrates with business information systems and creative applications, automates and speeds up workflow
      • You eliminate repetitive tasks and manual errors
      • Improve workflow and collaboration

eTEAM is a scalable and flexible Digital Asset Management solution, able to adapt to the organizational needs of any company, of any size. It has become a standard for international companies because it supports them in the daily management of multi-country and multi-channel communication.

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eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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