Are you a marketing manager?


Your role is similar to that of a conductor and for a perfect performance you need a solution like eTEAM.

After all, your job is to manage several people who in turn take care of sales, communication, production and product development.

Because the tasks are numerous and include the analysis and implementation of sales strategies, the marketing manager, especially in multinationals or large companies, usually coordinates the actions of an entire team whose members are involved in monitoring specific fields of action.

It is a collective work but each figure has his own precise task, which must be respected, as it happens in a good orchestra: the first violin will never take the place of the flute, and vice versa. If this were to happen, in case of failure, the fault would not be anyone's, or perhaps it would be the conductor's!


blurred role classification prevents clear assumption of responsibility.

A conductor - in addition to experience - has a podium, from which he sees, listens, controls, starts each orchestra. And then the score, which indicates the speed of execution, the point at which an orchestra member must intervene, the beginning and the end of each music.

Here, let's begin to see what are your orchestras:

The Product Manager

Must plan and coordinate the actions necessary for the success of a product. It defines the objectives in terms of sales, turnover, market share. It also defines the marketing strategies to implement them.  The tasks can be broader and also concern the design of new products or the redefinition of old products. It carries out research to identify the right price, packaging, media, and sales promotion.

The Brand Manager

He is the figure who is in charge of conceiving, developing and implementing marketing projects to grow the brand for which he is responsible, in an economic, strategic and operational sense. His task is to enhance the image of the brand or brand, to increase sales and ensure long-term customer loyalty.  He is involved in product positioning, promotion and planning the marketing strategy for branded products. 

The Web Marketing Manager

It is a fundamental figure because it coordinates and manages a set of digital resources and then develops a marketing and communication plan for the company. On this figure depend most of the actions that lead to the sale: he works mainly on search engines, websites and landing pages. He knows and applies the concepts of SEO, SEM and all display advertising activities. He uses web analytics tools and translates data into useful information to correct strategies or start new operations.

The Account Manager

Halfway between sales and customer service, it takes care of the existing customer portfolio. It must know and anticipate customers' needs and propose products, services and solutions to meet those needs. Its goal is to grow the turnover from the customers it manages, while strengthening the relationship between customers and the company. It must identify every possible business development, in addition to the market opportunities already exploited.  

The communication expert

It promotes and spreads the company's image through the media and advertising and makes the strategies planned by the top management operational. It coordinates a specialized staff, evaluates the contents of the messages to be communicated and chooses the most suitable information channels to transmit the news. It organises activities aimed at advertising and promoting the brand, products or services, designs and launches advertising campaigns and carries out sponsorships.

With these collaborators and partners your execution can be a success or... a fiasco!

This is always a source of stress anyway: unlike the conductor, you don't have a podium or even an instrument to direct and manage the entire flow of work. In addition, the continuous work on the files and the arrival of changes during the advanced stages of processing, can generate errors in the texts, often simple typing, as well as the management of foreign languages, and this not only for the translation but also for compliance with the laws in force in each country. 

Sure, in the end your experience and the skill of the collaborators make the concert - see product - come to a conclusion and unfortunately, sometimes with the accompaniment of some "cue". In other words, a few applause and a lot of whistling, little profit and withdrawals from the market for your product.

What you need is a supervision tool that allows you to monitor every single processing step and this is what eTEAM does: enables the marketing manager to efficiently supervise the entire product life cycle, maintain total control of the assets, monitor every single processing step. In other words, it gives you the score to lead your group, just like an orchestra.

With eTEAM you can set up a workflow in which the different steps are assigned to certain figures with specific margins. This gives you control and supervision over the entire production process and allows you to easily identify critical issues and solve them:

  • each user can access via browser, with or without IP restrictions. Its user is associated to a particular figure who enjoys a set of permissions and possibilities of intervention on certain products, product lines, brands
  • each revised file, each note inserted, each artwork modified or updated gives rise to automatic notifications that then flow into the processing history
  • the workflow can be more or less articulated and strict, depending on the type of company, processing, number of people involved and different needs

Just like a real conductor, you are faced with scores that are more or less difficult to conduct, but with the right instruments, every performance will be perfect!

So? Are you ready to take the podium?

Do it with us!

"In order to keep the orchestra together the clarity of the gesture is indispensable and if this is missing chaos is generated."

Riccardo Chailly

eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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