Errata corrige in the product catalogue: how to eliminate correction steps


An errata corrige is a list of composition errors found after the catalogue has been printed. It is the nightmare of every company's marketing department.

Despite the emergence of many e-commerce sites, the printed product catalogue is far from being out of fashion. For some sectors, especially for BtoB customers, it remains the main method of consulting products. There is no doubt that it still has advantages in the way it can be used and will continue to exist, albeit in small numbers.

In most companies, the creation of the catalogue forces the marketing department to liaise between the different departments and to continually review and correct the content. Despite the constant effort and attention, mistakes are inevitable.

While in the digital catalogue it is relatively easy to correct and update them, in the traditional catalogue, once printed there is nothing to do.

The most common errors are in the graphics, unclear images, incorrect or confusing layout, but then come the most feared errors, those due to errors in product data, codes, content, specifications, accessories, associated images, prices!

The marketing department becomes aware of this when, shortly after publication, it starts receiving reports from outside and inside the company.

An error on a product, with negotiations or orders already underway, can result in a major loss for the company.

In the weeks that follow, the marketing department starts to collect the reports in the most diverse forms: phone calls, e-mails, post-its left on the desk or even personal messaging. Finally, with one or more dispatches, a general communication is sent to all its customers with a list of errors: product name, page where it is present, corrected text. Unfortunately, reprinting the catalogue is not possible and corrections are postponed until the next reprint, in which, if the working method does not change, there will be errors on other products.

It is clear that this results in damage to a company's image and unquantifiable costs. 

Is it possible to eliminate the error and thus the errata?

Yes, it is possible if the amount of information, which up to now has been stored by different offices and departments according to their own criteria, is managed in a different way. It is possible if the company equips itself with a Product Information Management system for managing product information and a Digital Asset Management system for managing a product's digital assets (images, videos, attachments).

If these two tools are available, only data and images from a single, verified source will be printed on the catalogue, to which all company departments contribute through dedicated permissions and configurations.

eTEAM is the software that integrates the two functions: PIM and DAM complement each other and with it, the marketing department will no longer be blamed for errors in the catalogue and will have more time to devote to other activities. With eTEAM, you can put an end to error hunting and produce perfect catalogues and price lists every time.

If you would like more advice and to learn more about our product data management software, please download the brochures or contact us directly. If you are present at MECSPE from 23rd to 25th November 2021, CALL US, we will come to show you all the potentialities of eTEAM for the communication of your company.

eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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