Advantages of PIM or Product Information Management


PIM is a collaborative platform, an online work table that facilitates work between different parts of a company and turns data into a strategic asset.

Advantages of PIM or Product Information Management

One of the main problems encountered by companies concerns the availability of product information. These are often managed and located in different offices, sometimes even outside the company itself. Finding this information is a considerable waste of time and sometimes, the information that can be retrieved is not even up to date

This is because in every company the data has become a strategic asset and thanks to the Product Information Management (PIM)it is possible to centralize the information of the products by distributing it uniformly to the various company departments (marketing, sales, production, etc.). All product information is taken from a single archive and made available to company departments in real time. In this case, efficiency, data certainty and control are guaranteed.

What advantages does a Product Information Management (PIM) brings

  • Let you have a only corporate repository for all product information. The PIM is in fact able to connect to the systems already present in the company to find the various information and centralize them. 
  • Permits having a complete data uniformity. By interfacing the PIM with the various systems already present in the company (ERP, management systems, file server, etc.) you have the guarantee that each area of the company will have the updated version of any information (data, image, video, etc.) related to a specific article.
  • IT can manage and ensure adequate and safe access to data. Permissions are granted to each workgroup or individual user for read-only access to the data, with the possibility to modify the data, create new articles etc.
  • Easier data access allows better management of all commercial/marketing activities and therefore a significant improvement in productivity.
  • Thanks to intuitive interfaces the various corporate users are able, in full autonomy, to access the system without having to acquire new skills.
  • The automatic publication of documents and updating multi-channel information in real time becomes a daily practice.

To whoever serves a Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM is a collaborative platform, an online work table that facilitates work between different parts of a company. By setting up a workflow adapted to the company's needs and operations, all figures benefit. The eTEAM PIM natively integrates the concept of DAM, Digital Asset Management, i.e. everything related to the creation, modification and management of multimedia content within its platform. Developed to help all departments involved in the production of communication material, digital and paper, the Product Information Management (PIM)is equipped with automatic self-design and workflows that integrate information between the different figures, internal and external to the company:

CIO / Innovation Manager

IT Director needs homogeneous and centralized data to support his digital transformation strategy to achieve the objectives defined at the company level.

CTO / Technical Director

It needs new technologies that are easy to implement, scalable, high performance, integrable with other software to improve the competitiveness of the company.

CMO / Marketing Director
He wants to create personalized, engaging and satisfying digital and online shopping experiences through the effective and efficient distribution of content.

Marketing area processes a variety of rich media content and needs to govern the sharing with colleagues, partners, designers.

External and creative agencies

Photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, videomaker. For each of these roles a PIM solution streamlines the asset search processes, ensures the storage of multiple versions, facilitates review and approval, ensures quality and consistency of the brand image.

Project manager

Project management is enhanced in the agile assignment of tasks and roles, the creation of deadlines and budgets, and the expansion of the level of collaboration and sharing of responsibilities within a project team.


IT manager identifies solutions of this kind as the most secure, robust, scalable and highly integrated choice for archiving and sharing the company's digital assets.


4Flying has developed a series of specific solutions able to centrally manage and organize all product and mass asset information of the entire communication, thanks to its eTEAM software, able to adapt and integrate with existing creative workflows and corporate information systems. If you want to know what a PIM is and to deepen the different solutions, please contact us.