Product sheet: how to create it and keep it updated.


To be placed on the market all products must be provided with the product sheet.

The product card is like an identity card: it contains all the data and information the consumer needs to know to make a purchase.

The structuring of the product sheet is a fundamental activity that requires the intervention of different company sectors in terms of structures and methods. The same card published on company catalogues or price lists contains technical and editorial information (coding, product classification, description, technical diagrams, images) and then a whole series of information regarding prices, discount bands, availability.

In addition, many companies have to manage a large number of product sheets, in different languages and for different countries, for their catalogues but also for the website or e-commerce sites on which they sell products.

This requires the availability of a system capable of facilitating translation, ensuring control over the data entered and released.

A system that provides integration with the management, the possibility of data enrichment and control over the entire process of:

eTEAM, the software on which specific applications are based for multi-channel communication, e-commerce, website feeding and automatic page layout is an integrated system for the centralized strategic management of information and data in the product data sheet and ensures:

  • efficiency
  • data strength
  • control

eTEAM collects product data from either internal sources (purchasing and marketing department) or external suppliers (agencies) by centralizing information and defining management roles and levels.

eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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