Smart working: we need collaborative platforms and cloud solutions


As a result of the Coronavirus emergency, 'smart working' is one of the most searched for entries and on Google Trend it has taken a surge.

Many IT managers and business managers are getting informed, gathering opinions and trying to understand the subtle or obvious differences between different forms of remote working. You can see this on Google Trend, the tool that lets you know how often a particular word or phrase is searched for on web search engines.

Since February 22nd these terms have had a surge and never as much as now we talk about smart working, teleworking and agile work.

Since the Coronavirus emergency broke out, what was a purpose, to be postponed further and further, has become a real necessity for any company. As always, there are those who have not been found unprepared and those who, instead, had to close or greatly reduce the staff within the company.

Therefore, in the future it will be crucial for SME managers to invest not only in mobile and portable devices to provide employees to work remotely, but also in cloud solutions. This is the current trend: the introduction of collaborative platforms capable of increasing productivity and interaction between the company, its employees and external partners. In addition, offering accessibility in the cloud with scalable, flexible adoption models tailored to the real business needs.

eTEAM responds to these characteristics because it is a collaborative technology, accessible from anywhere with a simple internet connection and the necessary privileges to operate. It integrates with business systems and processes and has a scalable modularity. 

Don't be unprepared: contact us to find out more and make the remote work in your company profitable.



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