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With software like eTEAM you can organize, store, access and distribute all your digital assets.

All companies with the passage of time find themselves having a disorganized archive of digital files: photos, videos, multimedia documents. This archive, which has grown out of all proportion, without control, fed by several people, often resides on the computer of an employee or in the folder of a server. At best, someone will have put some effort into it and grouped the files into folders, named with the date or name of a particular event. But the same thing will have been done by a colleague, an intern, a former employee: each of them will have used their own methods, their own coding, in other words, their own order.

The more time passes, the more it becomes necessary to equip your company with digital asset management software, specifically what is commonly called Digital Asset Management, often abbreviated by the acronym DAM. The sooner you make this choice, the less time it will take to re-establish an order.

When you start working with DAM software, one of the most important steps is the analysis (audit) of digital assets. So you need to know not so much the quantity but:

  • What kind of files they are
  • Which files are used the most
  • For what purpose were they archived
  • By whom are used

The analysis is useful to define what kind of software you need to manage your digital assets. Is a DAM sufficient? Is a PIM (Product Information Management) more congenial to manage product data as well? What if you could use one software to manage both?

File analysis is also necessary to understand how to set up and monitor your business workflow, a choice that brings immediate benefits since:

  • The accesses to the software are set according to specific permissions and intervention possibilities
  • The operations of those who access the software are tracked to allow process certification, notification and approval system
  • The approval process for digital materials is accelerated and streamlined

A good digital asset management is able to provide detailed information about the production of digital assets by recording:

  • Who has used an asset, when and how many times
  • The specifications of each asset
  • In how many communicational materials is present
  • The type of work you were employed for

These and numerous other reporting data allow you to make more informed choices, verify which product images are the most popular, and then interpolate this information with sales data. 

eTEAM is the digital asset management platform that allows you all this.

The strength is the integration with other modules:

  • module PIM: to organize product information and serve it to the various channels
  • module DMS: to facilitate collaborative creation of editorial documents
  • module CMS: to feed the website, e-commerce, reserved area.
  • module MAM: to store and share multi-media content

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eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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