The digital shift in flyers and catalogues


Large retailers and other giants have decided to curb their presses, print far fewer copies of their flyers and catalogues and favour other promotional activities.

"In Italy in 2015, approximately 5 to 6 billion advertising leaflets were printed, some of which ended up in letterboxes (around 300 per year per household) and some of which were scattered or thrown away, according to research by Promomedia. This is why the transition to digital flyers is becoming a reality for many retailers"

See full article on Fruitbook Magazine

A survey on consumer electronics conducted by Gfk and ShopFully last May showed that only 1 in 6 paper flyers are read, while digital flyers are 42% more effective at generating in-store purchases than printed ones.
The move to digital has become a compulsory choice, also due to the fact that, according to statistics, 60% of consumers in the 25-55 years age group look online for information on promotions. 

At 4 Flying we embraced this change when digital seemed like science fiction and the paper flyer an unshakeable truth.
This change gave rise to eTEAM, the solution optimised to dynamically manage product data and content and produce output for multiple media.
On eTEAM we have developed dedicated applications:

  • One for the automatic layout of catalogues, brochures, price lists, dedicated in particular to the industry market. It is an application that, among many other advantages, reduces page layout costs, avoids typing errors, facilitates updating and archiving and, above all, prepares the file for any media, paper and web.
  • The other is a platform with a very intuitive web interface, dedicated to the GDO sector. All planning, modifications and corrections of the fliers are monitored and guided via a certified workflow at every stage. Even in this case, the resulting product is a file optimised for any media, paper and web.

But that's not all...whether on paper or on the web, the challenge is to capture the attention of the consumer. That's why we've been working for years with important customers to provide online browsable catalogues, from the simplest versions to those animated with videos, slideshows and links to the product catalogue.

Contact us if you want to green your organisation, save costs and offer your customers a flyer or an interactive digital catalogue.