The Content To Media Platform that integrate PIM, DAM and DMS for multichannel communication

Helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data
and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication

Centralizes, enhances and distributes your product data

An average of 38 minutes a day is spent searching for a document: file, image, pagination ...
More time is lost searching for product information, allocated on various systems.
eTEAM gives you full control of your data and saves you valuable time that you can devote to core activities.


A single solution for asset control and product data certainty


Integrate product data with assets and create your own communication, for every language and market


Publish your content dynamically across all media, print and web, always up to date

Find out how eTEAM can help you win every challenge

eTEAM stands out for these characteristics:

  • Centralisation
    One solution to manage multichannel communication, ensure efficiency, data accuracy and control.
  • Flexibility
    It is an integrated, modular and scalable solution, which is configured to meet each customer’s needs.
  • Cloud based
    The architecture is web based: all functions, even the most complex ones, are accessible remotely with a simple browser. The functionalities are linked to permission levels. An advanced technology that connects people, spaces, objects and enables smart working
  • Workflow
    The modularity of the software allows you to set up tailor-made workflows, with phase management, approvals, monitoring and data storage.
  • Security and safety
    It is based on a server farm designed to protect data and guarantee the activities of our customers.

As a modular platform, each customer can develop their solution to meet their exact needs, which enables a perfect integration into your organisation, provides an automated process and can develop with the growth of your marketing and communication activities.

The features of eTEAM

DAM Module >

It is the system that protects the company's digital heritage, the true support of multi-channel communication and sales processes.

PIM module  >

To centrally manage and organize all product information, even the most complex ones.

DMS Module >

To organize and facilitate the collaborative creation of documents and other content through customized workflows and approvals.

CMS Module >

To build and manage dynamic, open sites whose content can grow and change frequently.

MAM Module >

To quickly store, retrieve, process and share video content.


Developed to be personalized, eTEAM allows a high level of customization for the individual company and for the market sector.

eTEAM for Industry market

It supports companies in multi-country and multi-channel communication and verifies the effectiveness of each marketing action.

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eTEAM in Retail market and GDO

It facilitates collaboration between the different teams involved in the creation of store material: buyer, marketing and graphic department.

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eTEAM per il Mercato Franchising

Integrates into organizations, from communication planning to product selection, media and loyalty strategies.

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eTEAM per il Mercato Franchising

It coordinates and makes efficient multi-channel communication on the territory, starting from centrally approved guidelines.

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eTEAM is developed according to the most modern information technologies in order to be able to integrate and interface with the software infrastructures already present in the organization, with the maximum integration and automation.


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