Company catalogue, brochures and price lists


With eTEAM you can produce the paper and digital version of your catalogues with a single tool and a single data source.

Catalogue, brochure price list, company profile... these are the timeless presentation and promotion materials that any company, from the smallest to the largest, produces several times. They are communication and marketing tools that were born and established when the web did not exist and still retain an undoubted value. 

Now the catalogue is always realized with the use of various DTP software, therefore in digital mode, but the finished product can be of two types:

  • Catalogue on paper
  • Digital catalogue

The printed catalogue is still a valid sales tool today. It may have suffered some reductions in distribution or collation but it has considerable advantages:

  • Constant brand visibility
    The catalogue is a physical object, always visible. It is kept on the counter and can be consulted quickly. In the case of the BToC catalogue (see the case of Ikea), the catalogue becomes almost a must, remains on the coffee table for a long time, is leafed through and shared with the family.
    Thanks to its physical presence, the brand is constantly under the eyes of the customer. 
  • Fruibility
    Digital natives are more and more, they are able to quickly browse the online catalogue, make a search and select a product, but the printed catalogue is undoubtedly usable by people of any age.
  • Readability
    The images of some products, on the screens of your smartphone, IPad or PC, are undoubtedly more lively and attractive, but although navigation has been simplified, it is always necessary to click, zoom, scroll, with the risk of pressing in the wrong place and ending up somewhere else. A well set and complete page puts all the main features of the product in front of the customer's eyes. 
The digital catalogue, however, has some very advantageous features:

  • lower cost
    For the digital format, only the cost of layout of the graphic is taken into account and the printing cost is totally eliminated.

  • Upgrade

    In the case of changes, additions or deletions of products, the updating of the catalogue is immediate. Any errors or typos can also be corrected quickly.

  • Interactivity

    Multimedia elements, such as videos and animations, links to other in-depth information sheets and contact forms can be included in the digital catalogue. 

  • Accessibility
    The publication is always online and can be consulted at any time and with different types of devices, mobile or desktop.

  • Statistics
    In contrast to paper, with a digital publication you can get a lot of information, such as consultation time, most viewed products, geographical and demographic data.

As we have seen, both have advantageous features and it is difficult to make a choice. The truth is that both are to be used, perhaps modulating the print copies according to actual market needs, industry, target audience, product type. In some cases a digital catalogue will be preferable, in others a printed copy will be preferred.

Whatever the choice, in the process of creating a catalogue figures from sales, marketing, IT and the graphics department are involved. The latter can be internal or external (communication agencies or freelance). In general, it is always the marketing department that pulls the strings, which has to deal with a good deal of stress and, unfortunately, also take responsibility for many mistakes.

With eTEAM the production of the catalogue, the price list and all the company communication material becomes a team game. The production of these materials, in fact, is part of a workflow made up of several phases, each of which is assigned to the different people involved. Thanks to the integrated DMS (Document Management System) module, those responsible for producing the catalogue can monitor the progress of the work at any time through a dashboard that highlights critical points.

With the adoption of eTEAM and its automatisms set on customised workflows, our international customers are able to manage the production of catalogues with thousands of references, in all languages and for the different markets of the world.

The paper vs digital dichotomy is overcome because in eTEAM any type of publication can be managed, such as:

  • catalogues
  • advertising publications (magazines and magazines)
  • promotional brochures (booklets, coupons, etc.)
  • magazine (editorial)
  • flyer
  • e-commerce
  • various web publications

From a single platform, following a tailor-made workflow, you can produce, edit and update any type of documentation.

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eTEAM helps companies in every industry manage media assets and product data and integrate them into their own multi-channel communication
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